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  • Townsville Gem and Mineral Club

    We are Townsville’s only club where you can learn and practice all things related to Jewellery Making and associated skills including Lapidary, Working with Metals (we call it ‘Art Metal’ – Casting, Enamelling and Silver Smithing), Faceting of Gemstones, Sawing and Polishing all kinds of rocks (including Cabochon, Flat Lapping and Tumbling)

  • Passionate Hobbyists

    We are hobbyists who are passionate about our hobby and include everyone from children through to adults of all ages, our instructors and senior club members are only too happy to help out newer members in honing their skills. Our instructors have many, many years of experience, know all the ‘tricks of the trade’ and will guide you through your learning journey.

  • Workshops

    We hold educational workshops regularly where specialised skills can be learnt including the very popular kids Saturday morning classes. Come along and learn enamelling, making your own jewellery, wire wrapping and perhaps learn how to make a ‘Gem Tree’.

  • Field Trips

    We conduct ‘Tag-Along’ Field Trips which are open to all members where we will go camping, fossick for all things related to our hobby including fossils, petrified woods, precious, semi-precious stones and rocks.

  • Location

    We do maintain a safe environment and adhere to Occupational Health and Safety Regulations at all times.

    All of our activities (except the Field Trips of course) are held in our own premises at 96 Mooney Street, Gulliver. Our building is airconditioned for the NQ summers and we own all of the equipment required for our hobby. Members are instructed in the safe use of the equipment or you can come and use machinery if you are experienced and have the skills.

  • Contact Us

    So, if you want to find a fossil, rock or gemstone, learn what you can do with them or how to make your own ‘bespoke’ piece of jewellery then the Townsville Gem and Mineral Club may just be the club for you!

About The Club

Townsville Gem and Mineral Club

The Townsville Gem and Mineral Club is an Incorporated non-profit organisation for members who share a common interest in all things related to

  • Art Metal (Silversmithing and Jewellery Making)
  • Lapidary (engraving, cutting and polishing of stones and gems)
  • Faceting of Gemstones, Tumbling (polishing of smaller stones in tumblers)
  • Casting (making jewellery by casting and pouring of molten metal into moulds)
  • Enamelling (designs made in special paints heated onto metal pendants)

And various workshops related to jewellery making including chains, bracelets, and other creative ornamental activities such as wire wrapping and the creation of 'Gem Trees'.

We also conduct organised Field Trips to fossick for and collect rock specimens of precious and semi-precious stones. Activities are conducted under the tutorship and leadership of Instructors and experts in specific activities.

Video by Creative Flare.

The Gem and Mineral Club would like to thank Creative Flare for supporting the club and providing this video.

Creative Flare NQ is a local video production company that is passionate about showcasing our region's positive communities. Groups that inspire their members in ways that promote a sense of self-discovery and group connection, encourage members to express their beliefs and values, and build relationships with others. -


Opening Times


Workshops and Casting can be done at other times upon arrangement (depending on participant numbers and interests). The clubhouse can really be opened at other times given enough interest and Instructor availability …. So long as there are enough members to make turning on machinery and the air-conditioning viable!

Field Trips dependent on Members’ interest, field location availability and the weather. Club sanctioned Field Trips are covered by limited liability insurance though you will need to be self-sufficient. Most locations are suitable to all vehicles and camping set-ups.


Mornings 9am to 12 Midday

Kids and Creative Workshops as scheduled, Lapidary Instruction as well as Faceting, Art Metal and Rock Sawing of your own work.


7:30pm till 10pm

Faceting & Lapidary Instruction as well as Rock Sawing and Tumbling of your own work.


9am to 12 Midday

Clubhouse opens for you to do your own work. Faceting & Lapidary Instruction available.


7:30pm till 10pm
Art Metal Instruction


9am to 12 Midday

Faceting & Lapidary Instruction as well as open for you to do your own work.

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Townsville Gem And Mineral Club

Gem Show

20th and 21st of July 2024


Usually held in mid to late July annually (dates advertised well in advance to the event), the ‘GemShow’ is held over two days attracting around 5000 Townsville residents and visitors from around the region.